A Unique Mediterranean Fusion of Qualities and Flavours

La Caleta – meaning The Little Cove, represents the serenity and ‘back to nature’ seclusion of a hidden oasis, brought to the 10th floor, into an elevated and luxurious setting, while retaining the natural environment represented by green, blue and sand colours.

La Caleta was designed to capture the pure essence of dining and vibing in the Mediterranean lifestyle, the simplicity of Greek laid-back dining style mixed with the Italian expression of ‘dolce far niente’ (sweet art of doing nothing) while projecting Latin inspired emotions of ‘Buena onda’ (good waves/positive vibes). A place where our guests can truly unwind, feel the care and not to worry. Simple Luxury.

The concept of cuisine can easiest be defined as Pacific-Mediterranean, however the concept is much more than choosing and sticking to a cuisine, it is a fusion of feelings, service style, ambiance, music, which was inspired from the Mediterranean cultures and Latin World plus the luxurious quality the brand represents.

The four key elements of delicious & fresh food (1), classy & elegant cocktails (2), excellent service (3) and the magic of melodic music (4) fused together into a unique dining & drinking experience conceived with simplicity and elegance in mind, effortlessly combining casual chic with high-end luxury.

A social lifestyle dining experience created with the concept of sharing in mind. Through our evolution it became a social norm that we share the dining table with our friends and family, we gather to share stories, life experiences over a meal and drinks. We created the concept so that people socialise over their meal, and share the plates, creating a new experience together.

A sophisticated and sustainable urban oasis, making our restaurant & cocktail bar a truly authentic destination, offering the most luxurious place to relax all year around and unwind unashamedly elegantly.

the restaurant

Contemporary Culinary Haven
Experience fresh, vibrant flavours at La Caleta, a casually fine restaurant. Led by Chef Andreas Yiangoullas, it fuses Latin-American and Asian influences with Mediterranean essence. Renowned for culinary artistry, Chef Yiangoullas orchestrates a symphony of tastes in our new menu.

Sharing Concept Delight
Our menu centres around a captivating sharing concept – a celebration of communal dining. Immerse yourself in refreshing salads, delicate raw dishes, and the pure delight of grilled offerings. Every dish is crafted to perfection, reflecting our commitment to quality and taste.

Journey of Flavours
Embark on an extraordinary culinary journey where innovation and tradition converge. Relish every moment and memory at La Caleta.

The Bar

Step into our sophisticated cocktail bar – a sanctuary of relaxation and vibrant energy. From entry, you're enveloped in inviting ambiance radiating light and life. Resident DJs fuse Mediterranean melodies with Latin flair, creating an irresistible atmosphere.

Crafting Elixir Excellence
Embark on a sensory journey with hand-picked spirits, exclusively curated for La Caleta. Our mixologists infuse creativity into every cocktail, using home-made infusions for an elevated experience.

Elevated Flavors, Relaxed Moments
Savour our meticulously designed bar food menu, enhancing your cocktail experience. Every bite harmonizes with your drink, elevating flavours.

Lounging Perfection
Unwind in style with personalized hookahs, enhancing relaxation. Join us at La Caleta's Cocktail Bar for comfort, creativity, and unforgettable memories.


Experience Mediterranean Bliss

Take in the breathtaking views all day long from La Caleta’s infinity pool, where mediterranean bliss and serenity meet in perfect harmony.

La Caleta’s pool is open from April to October, for optimal enjoyment.


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